WOW! From the box it arrived in, to the packing tape on the box, to opening the box and feeling the excitement of seeing the black box. So elegantly modern. Upon opening the black box, the surprise of treat after treat of visual delight. The tee is silky soft and then more wonderful photos of some of our most beautiful landmarks. Kudos to geotees!

Carson G.

I live in Florida now but from Charlie West and the HIGH. We live in Tommy Bahama t shirts $45-65.00 each and flip flops. I can say the quality of the geotees beats TB hands down. The packaging too on a scale of its own with some nice added items from local retailers and organizations inside. If you have not ordered, get to it, you will NOT be disappointed.

Tom P.

I just wanted to tell you how much I really like my geotees that I ordered. I just got them in the mail and I was really impressed with the way they were packaged but I was even happier about how comfortable the t-shirt is to wear. I ordered the Charleston one for myself and the Atlanta one for my son. He only likes to wear high quality t-shirts and sweatshirts with labels such as Supreme, BAPE and Anti Social Social Club so I knew he liked the geotee because he wore it as soon as he tried it on. Good luck with this business venture. I truly believe this is a high quality t-shirt that people will love wearing as soon as they put it on.

Sharon C.