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The brand is published several times in its first few months of operation.

Charleston, WV: The unique experience in geotees t-shirts, has led to several online publications to take notice since the launch of the product. geotees, which stands for "Geography T-shirts" is not your ordinary, everyday t-shirt. Since their early 2019 brand launch, geotees has had several online publications write about their unique experience.

Inspired by Travel, Moved by the Journey is the companies tagline, and the companies founder, David Miller, founded the company on just that notion - he loves to travel and part of travel is the journey. Miller explains "I wanted a t-shirt brand that simplified the design of the city, was made of high quality, and left a traveler or local person inspired to represent that geographic region." "Listen, the clothing industry is a hyper-competitive business." "As many enter the market, competition is fierce and providing a high quality experience of favorite destinations was key in making geotees stand out from the rest."

Recently, geotees has seen its visual explanation (infographic) of the brand published several times these past few weeks (see links below) and this helps to increase search rankings with google and help to create brand discovery and purchase opportunities. Miller explains "I wanted to have a visual understanding of what geotees is as consumers have less and less attention these days and everyone is in a hurry." "I had a digital marketing agency create an infographic that fully outlines the geotees experience and simplifies our brand strategy - I promise you, there is nothing like geotees on the market."

Infographics are a visual storytelling. Many companies use infographics to make their brand, offering, service, etc. pop instead of just boring text. Consumers have less attention span today, than ever before and infographics are a combination of graphics and text to further enrich the offering.

Here the links to the articles published by several online publications about geotees:

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