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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2019

David Miller
(304) 533-7939 

geotees Launches in Four Cities

Four launch cities include: Charleston, WV, Atlanta, Nashville, & Malibu

Charleston, WV:  Inspired by travel, moved by the journey. Geotees hits the t-shirt market with passion. Not your everyday, run of the mill t-shirt, geotees brings unique city features including: customized retail box packaging, special offers from area businesses, a quality t-shirt marked by city, and an illustration of iconic places. Shirts are available currently in two colors – gray and black, with more colors to follow. The classic tee, our original tee, has a true-to-size fit with extra sleeve length, generous body length, and a sewn geotees icon at the bottom seam.

David Miller, founder of geotees, was inspired for the brand of what he calls the “Experience Tee” when travelling around California in the spring of 2018. “I wanted a high-quality t-shirt without the loud message on the front,” Miller describes. “A t-shirt with a simple, city name, and with a simple design,” Miller went on to say. “I never found a simple destination tee that said “Malibu” while traveling, for instance, and none without all the fancy logos and cliché imagery.” “I wanted a city tee of my favorite place and without the bright lights and big city branding – I never found one.” A few months later, Miller embarked on a journey to create a simple destination tee in geotees. “I decided to start with a high-quality t-shirt and two basic colors”, Miller describes. “The packaging, brand reinforcement, city illustration, along with cross-branding of other businesses, just seemed like a natural fit to create the experience tee.”

Geotees stands for “Geography Tees”, and the t-shirt business is hyper-competitive. We believe geotees is out in front of this changing business by offering a unique approach. The company is doing things completely different from consumer facing, to brand customization, to experience and location branding throughout multiple phases. The product evolved quickly from a t-shirt idea, to a package that promotes a city.

The company has three phases of implementation over the next few years. 1) Create the best destination tee experience; 2) Customized corporate branding based on the geotees concept; 3) Mark your experience through the geotees app.

  • Geotees is an experience, a great gift idea, and perfect for marketing promotions.
  • Our competitive advantage is the experience a consumer feels when purchasing or receiving the product. From packaging, to the keepsake box, to the tee and illustration, no other brand compares.
  • A great way to promote a city. Perfect for visitors centers and “city-gelicals” who maintain an unorthodox love affair with the city.

 About Our Company:  geotees, the Experience Tee. Inspired by Travel, Moved by the Journey. Find us here:

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