The Unique Experience in Geotees Tees - Infographic

The clothing industry is a hyper-competitive business. As many enter the market, competition is becoming tremendous and providing beyond quality apparel is necessary to stand out from the countless brands to choose from.

Geotees which stands for “Geography T-shirts” is not your ordinary, everyday t-shirt. Besides its high-quality tees, geotees also provides a package with unique features. As geotees tees hit the market, this infographic lists out its qualities that make this product unique.

The Unique Experience in Geotees Tees - Infographic

High-Quality Shirts

Whenever people travel to a place away from home, they always want something that they can take home with them as a reminder of their travels, something that would show where they have been and can be used to look back and reminisce their experience during their vacation.

Most of them prefer to buy wearable items such as destination shirts which display the name of the place that they visited. Not only will they always be reminded of the memories they created during their time at that place, but it’s also a long-time investment with additional function to their lives.

However, when you take a look at many gift shops in the area, you’ll not only find tees made from materials that quickly shrink or wrinkles, but their shirts also look identical with fancy logos and imagery which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

geotees offers a high-quality t-shirt with a city name and design, avoiding common souvenir shirt design mistakes where they put loud messages or images on the front. These shirts come in two colors – gray and black, but customers can expect more colors to follow.  

While these tees are simple in design, wearers would enjoy its lovely and silky soft material that doesn’t shrink or wrinkle as much as the shirts that you would find in clothes racks. It’s also a true-to-size fit with extra sleeve length with a sewn geotees logo at the bottom seam.

City Promotion

Buying souvenirs are part of the fun holiday experience. Destination shirts are often a common choice, and comfortable t-shirts with a great design such as geotees tees would have people wanting to wear it over and over again and showcase their pride for the place they love to travel to or live in and promote it everywhere they go.

Besides the shirt, you’ll also find a beautiful illustration which includes several iconic places in the city that you can frame and display anywhere in your home.

Not only will this be a great display, but these beautiful landmarks will also be an excellent conversation starter with guests that you have over which might urge them to visit those places that you’ve come to love as well.


From the moment the box arrives to opening it, geotees heightens the excitement a consumer feels when they purchase or receiving the product.

While the shirt itself is what every customer looks forward to when they receive the package, a brilliant packaging can make it so much more than just buying a product. A fun unboxing experience can make it a memorable experience that can be as enjoyable as the product itself. It can also be a fun experience to share with family and friends.

Each geotees box is constructed of high-quality cardboard, coated with an anti-scratch film and a ribbon for easy opening. Its lid is equipped with a magnetic closure and contains an embossed logo and city name stamped on the top.

Upon opening the package, you will be delighted with another surprise after being treated to a visual delight of the box itself. You will find the tee inside which has been wrapped in a cellophane package reinforcing the geotees brand along with the keepsake illustration of the specific city’s landmarks, a thank you pack with items from local area businesses and retailers.

This kind of experience often floats under the radar of many brands. It’s why no brand can compare to the experience that geotees delivers.

Great Local Deals

While traveling can become enjoyable, we still want to spend our money in the smartest way possible. Holiday trips can be less expensive than you think with the great deals for local area businesses that geotees include in the package.

These deals are valuable whether you’re a tourist or a local as you can use these special deals to try new experiences in the area to make your stay in the city more enjoyable.

At the moment, these special relationships built with other businesses are momentarily exclusive in selected places such as Charleston which makes these deals more special.

Geotees is not just your everyday, run of the mill t-shirt. It’s a whole new experience from receiving the package in the mail, to opening and unboxing and right down to wearing the product. Visit our website at and grab your tee today.

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