Three Styles of geotees T-Shirts - Infographic

Most fashion items evolve and continuously change over the years, but T-shirts are indispensable so far. It has been here for a long time and isn’t expected to leave anytime soon.

T-shirts are the most loved clothing item by everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, child, or elderly. It’s a universal clothing item that can be worn by anyone and anywhere since it’s comfortable enough. It can be used for sleeping, going to the gym, doing some yard work, or hanging out in the mall. It’s low maintenance enough to wear multiple times over.

The Three Styles of geotees T-Shirts - Infographic

Another reason for the popularity of T-shirts is its versatility. It can be worn in different ways, whether underneath an open button-up, a sweater or other shirt for an extra layer of warmth. There are also various design options to choose from such as a solid color, patterned, or in wild designs and covered with fun graphic pictures or quotes.

These days, t-shirts don’t only serve as a clothing item anymore. It has become a part of the memories that we keep. Whether it’s from a concert or a holiday trip, t-shirts are a popular choice for a souvenir or memorabilia as a reminder of that particular moment of their lives. The common design for these types of shirts is the name of the places that they visited.

At geotees, we offer a high-quality t-shirt with a city name and design. Geotees which stands for “Geography T-shirts” is not your ordinary, everyday t-shirt. Aside from high-quality materials, geotees shirts avoid typical design mistakes wherein they include loud messages or images on the front. Here are three styles of T-shirts that you’ll find in this store.

Classic fit

A shirt made for everybody. The Classic Fit geotees T-shirt is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and looser fit. The classic fit has a crew neck, a round and circular neckline that snugly fits at the neck. This T-shirt style has a generous sleeve length that fosters a comfortable feel for the wearer.

Clothing labels rarely reflect their actual measurements of their customers, but geotees ensures that its labels stick in line with your size with its true-to-size fit shirt. It’s a piece of clothing that gives shoppers what they expect.

You can find sizes available from SM- XXL. Currently, you can get these shirts in either gray or black, but you can expect more colors to follow.

geofit Men's

A geotees shirt designed for men, geofit Men’s crewnecks have smaller banding and extra room in the neck to ensure that the collar isn’t fit too tight around the neck.

These shirts are made from super soft tri-blend fabric consisting of 50% poly, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. Compared to the classic fit, the sleeves of geofit Men’s is shorter, and it has an athletic cut that is perfect for those who want to show off their upper body muscles. Each shirt is currently available in SM-XXL and two colors - gray and black.

Geofit Men’s is comfortable and fitted perfectly for guys that even the founder recommends.

geofit Women's

The first geotees t-shirt made exclusively for the ladies. Geofit Women’s have a cap sleeve and cut rounded at the bottom seam, a cut that is inspired by a combination of several leading shirt manufacturers. These are designed to fit perfectly for people with curvy bodies as it is essential to their comfort.

These shirts are also available in sizes SM-XL. You can also find it in the colors gray and black.

Customize your shirt with your city in front. The current cities that can be customized at the moment are Nashville, Atlanta, Charleston, Malibu, Los Angeles, West Virginia, and Ocracoke, but you can expect many more cities to come soon!

Inspired by Travel, Moved by the Journey. Geotees is not just your everyday, run of the mill t-shirt. It’s a whole new package in the mail, to opening and unboxing and right down to wearing the product.

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