About Us

Inspired by travel, moved by the journey. Geotees is not a typical t-shirt business with the everyday, run of the mill t-shirts. It goes above and beyond, creating a whole new experience and a perfect marketing promotion for cities.

Geotees, which stands for “Geography Tees,” is located in Charleston, West Virginia. It was founded by David Miller who was inspired to create to what he calls the “Experience Tee” after travelling around California in the spring of 2018 and failing to find a simple destination tee without any fancy logos and imagery.

Since he wanted a high-quality t-shirt with a simple city name and design, David embarked on a journey to create one in geotees. Geotees offers a high-quality destination shirt without making the common design mistakes.

Besides the quality t-shirt, geotees brings out the unique features of a city, including a beautiful illustration of several well-known landmarks as well as special deals for local area businesses. Each item is placed in a special geotees box constructed from high-quality cardboard, coated with an anti-scratch film and a ribbon for a smooth opening.

Geotees developed into something more than selling high-quality t-shirts and city illustrations. Geotees is changing the t-shirt business by offering a unique experience that no brand can compare to.

The packaging, brand reinforcement, city illustration, along with cross-branding of other businesses, were put together to create the experience tee. All these will ensure that customers would feel the excitement from the moment they receive the package.

Over the next few years, the company will be going through three phases of implementation. The first is to create the best destination tee experience, next is to customize corporate branding based on the geotees concept, and lastly is to mark consumer experience through the geotees app. Make sure to follow us on all our social media outlets to stay updated with our newest city designs and ventures!